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Joanna Gutierrez Winters

Executive Director, TCTG

Joanna is a national and international security professional and economist with an expertise in interagency strategic, operational, and tactical analysis. She has worked with numerous groups in the United States Department of Defense and specializes in counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency, counter-human trafficking, international economics, and development. She is the president of the FREE Network, a coalition of anti-human trafficking organizations in Florida, and has joined TCTG as Executive Director.


Caitlin O'Donnell


Caitlin is a Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellow at VA Palo Alto Healthcare System. She is focused on improving the relationships and family systems of veterans suffering from PTSD. She received her B.A. in Psychology from UCLA, her M.Sc. in Psychological Research from the University of Oxford, and her Psy.D. and Psy.M. from Rutgers University. A published author, speaker, and teacher, Caitlin is an authority on psychological trauma and a strong advocate for mental health and human rights.


Jai Kyeong Kim

Managing Director, Magnus Care

Jai is a Managing Director of Magnus Care, an innovative caregiving startup centered around connectedness. He worked as Director of Strategy at mid-size e-commerce and Consultant at Aging 2.0. He was a mentor for US Health:2018 (startup accelerator organized by Village Capital and Kaiser) and presented on various occasions, such as the Healthy Aging Conference in DC, Rotary, and other local events. With his co-founder Bryan, Jai organized a series of summits “Beyond Usability: Realizing Value of Technology for Older Adults” and was featured in media such as BBM Radio for innovative dementia care and Silver iTV. He studied Business Economics and Gerontology at UCLA and has spent the past years working with startups in the aging space.


Iasia Sweeting

Spoken word poet and social entrepreneur

Iasia Sweeting was a prodigy spoken word poet and was on her way to greatness when she was kidnapped at age 17. She was held in a single room and raped for over four years. During her captivity, she gave birth to two daughters without medical assistance. One of them was tragically starved to death, which led to the rescue of Iasia and her other daughter. Iasia was moments away from death when the police found her. She was 21 and weighed only 59 pounds. For the following 8 months, she was catatonic, unable to walk or talk. Her transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. She has now fully taken back her life, inspiring international audiences with her powerful poetry and fighting for the rights of survivors like her. On her road to recovery, she noticed many areas of weakness in Atlanta’s aftercare strategies - cracks in the system. Her organization, Sealed With a Purpose, aims to seal those cracks and strengthen support for survivors in Atlanta. She is passionate about sharing her experience and her solutions with AHT organizations worldwide.

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