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United in the Fight Against Trafficking

A global non-profit organization that convenes frontline Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) organizations, think tanks, survivor collectives, activists, experts, and funders to end human trafficking.

Our approach

Our approach

As a global society, we cannot allow a heinous crime like human trafficking to exist. Everyone needs to fight this atrocity. Every vulnerable individual must be empowered and those who are privileged must becomes guardians. Unless each and every one of us become the eyes, the ears, the first line of defense against this grave injustice, we will lose. TCTG believes in collective action and is building a global social movement to eliminate human trafficking.


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  • 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016, according to the research by International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • One out of every 4 victims is a child
  • 3.8 million adults worldwide were victims of forced sexual exploitation and of this, 1 million were children
  • 99% of the women and girls trafficked end up in the commercial sex trade
  • 84% of them are forcefully married and pushed into sex rackets by their spouses or relatives
  • An estimate of 150,000 women and children are trafficked from South Asia annually

Board members


Network Building

Create national and regional platforms for anti-human trafficking organizations, survivor collectives, think tanks, experts, and activists to come together and discuss challenges and opportunities as well as design strategies.


Conduct and fund novel research projects to support anti-human trafficking initiatives.

Knowledge sharing

Create online and offline platforms for cross-learning and sharing of information, data, and strategies across national and regional borders.

Support Enforcement agencies

Support enforcement agencies through frontline organizations in their efforts to end human trafficking.

Social Enterprises

Support civil society organizations and trafficking survivors to set up social enterprises. TCTG has strong expertise in social enterprise development, merchandising, and raising capital.

Fundraising Support

Help small frontline organizations in raising funds for anti-human trafficking activities including launching campaigns and implementing awareness and community engagement programs.

Global Advocacy

Support governments in tackling this issue through national efforts

Words do wonders

Юрий Федотов

“This crime infects and affects all our societies, and that is why efforts to raise awareness, to bring human trafficking out of the shadows are so important. Greater public awareness could improve efforts to prevent trafficking, and there is a need for greater sharing of knowledge and information to help catch the criminals.”

Yury Fedotov

former chief of UNODC

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